About The School

The Capital School Bahrain is based on a classic British Primary School set-up and will operate as such i.e offering a class/form structure within key stages of development, a National Curriculum including Early Year’s Foundation Stage whilst adhering to the requirements of the Bahrain Ministry of Education guidance on the teaching of Arabic and Islamic Classes.

Our teaching and learning approaches will reflect only the very best of British Primary School practice and will be contained within a modern learning environment which will be both stimulating and purposeful. We aim to reinforce family values and norms at all times which in turn will create an atmosphere of warmth and care, because we believe that a happy child is one who learns more effectively. Our school house system of Buckingham, Windsor, Kensington and Westminster will further serve to reinforce the notion of team spirit, co-operation and always giving your best unselfishly.

We will also align it with the highest of safeguarding standards demanded by the British Primary School inspectorate. The school is situated away from the roadside with a secure site which is strictly monitored 24/7. The new school is within the area of the Al Ahli Sports Complex which also provides us with excellent sports and swimming facilities that would be the envy of any school. We constantly work in close harmony with our sister school, Capital School Dubai, to ensure that we gain from the very best of shared expertise and resources and whilst maintaining collective standards of both progress and attainment in all subjects offered.

We are always keen to show children and their parents around the school. I am confident that the positive nurturing atmosphere we are creating will provide an excellent educational experience for your child.

English Language Requirments

English will be the medium of instruction, therefore a level of competence in English will be required. English language support will also be provided in order for children to benefit fully at the school. It is essential that all pupils at Early Years and Foundation Stage are fully toilet trained.

Information On Application

Upon application it is essential for parents to share all information regarding the pupils learning needs, including professional assessments. In exceptional circumstances conditional pupil places can be offered but would be subject to an evaluation period pending confirmation/or not of a permanent pupil place.

Additional Information

We seek to promote equal opportunities as we apply our regulations on admissions fairly and without prejudice. Adherence to our admissions policy will be strictly applied at all times and without exception.

Class Size

We aim to ensure that class sizes will not exceed 20 to 22 students in foundation stage 1 and 25 students throughout the rest of the school. It is possible that for very brief periods these class sizes may be exceeded if new students join a group during a school term.


Capital School is committed to providing an education of excellence that meets each pupil’s interests, abilities and needs within a common curriculum framework and reflects and promotes an understanding of, and appreciation for cultural / religious diversity within the Kingdom of Bahrain.  Capital School challenges each student to develop intellectual independence, creativity, curiosity and a sense of responsibility toward others.  The under philosophy being “Your best is always good enough”.

Educational Goals

  1. To establish stability in numbers of pupils within each year group, after two years of rapid expansion and growth.
  2. To get full accreditation from B.S.O. (British School Overseas) after three years in existence.
  3. To introduce the new “baseline assessment” process for our Foundation Stage in line with the English Department for Education Standards.
  4. To introduce (officially) the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 SATs tests on notification of B.S.O. standard.
  5. To use current internal and external (International Tests) data streams to set-up a robust tracking system which would feed into our end of Key Stage SARs predictions year on year.
  6. To secure year on year value added for all levels of ability.  This most aim to show “Outstanding” progress over time as a cohort % along with differentiated level targets.
  7. To ensure that data streams on pupil’s progress and attainment are actively reflected in curriculum planning; school planning on well as teaching and learning outcomes.
  8. To ensure the quality of teaching and learning is “Outstanding” in all “Core” subjects and “Foundation” subjects.
  9. To work towards “Outstanding” levels of pupil evidence (in work books and display) in all subjects, particularly English despite 90% having English as an additional language.
  10. To “move the standards of teaching at all levels from Good with Outstanding features to “Outstanding.”
  11. To provide exemplars of good practice to other schools within the Kingdom of Bahrain. To formally engage members of the school’s governing board in the process of dynamic school building as curriculum delivery via working groups, reports, suggestions on ways forward.
  12. To maintain the excellent standards of pupil behaviour in all year groups.
  13. To maintain the excellent percentages of attendance and punctuality throughout the school, emphasing our philosophy of “Your Best is Always Good Enough”.
  14. Maintain the educational support from Parent + Guardian which clearly impact on standards.
  15. To grow as a school in terms of quality and provision, never forgetting that the individual child is as important as the group.
  16. That year on year we can clearly demonstrate our “Capacity for Improving” as we reflect, reverse and challenge weakness and built on over strengths.
  17. Greater detail for this year is contained within this year’s school development plan.


About Capital School Bahrain