Admission Structure

The application form must be completed fully and accurately and the parent’s/legal guardian’s statement must be signed. All relevant information must be declared including details of disciplinary, social, physical, medical or psychological problems.  If we learn that relevant information has not been revealed, any offer of a place will be withdrawn, even if your child has already begun to attend Capital School.

The assessment fee of BHD 50 per child must accompany your application. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE in ALL other circumstances once the assessment is completed.
If you are a resident of Bahrain: a cheque made payable to Capital School should be sent with this form.  Payment may also be made in person by cash/cheque/banker transfer/Card at the admissions office.
If you are applying from out of Bahrain: payment should be made by bank transfer.  If the payment is in foreign currency, kindly be make sure to pay equivalent Bahraini Dinars in addition to the Bank charges.The transfer details are:
Bank Name: Ithmaar Bank
Account Name: Capital School
IBAN number: BH60 FIBH 01301224600015
Kindly note that WE ACCEPT payment by credit or debit card.

Application Procedure
Firstly an assessment must be completed. Following a successful assessment, an offer letter will be issued, and in order to confirm the child’s seat, the registration fee of BHD 100 must be made.  This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. The fee of re-test will be BHD 25 and follows the same principal as the initial assessment.
Applications from overseas are occasionally assessed using reports and often we call the child’s current school for further details.  In the case of the child being unavailable in Bahrain for assessment before the end of term, a “conditional offer” will be made.  The assessment is then taken upon the child’s arrival in Bahrain just before the beginning of term.  Please note that a “conditional offer” is subject to a successful assessment result.
For Years 1-6, tests of English, Maths and general ability may be given, becoming more formal with the increase of age.  Reports from previous schools will be assessed, as will any academic examinations already taken.

Supporting Documents
  • Original Transfer Letter from student’s previous school
  • Copy of school reports from the previous year of school
  • Copy of student’s Birth Certificate (in English or Arabic)
  • Copy of student’s Passport
  • Copy of student’s residency visa
  • Copy of parents/guardians’ Passport
  • Copy of parents/guardians’ residency visa
  • Five recent passport size photographs of the student
  • Copy of students’ CPR Card (both sides)
  • Copies of any health and/ or psychological assessments conducted with the student
  • Vaccination Report
  • Full names and two recent passport size photos for each parent/guardian who is authorized to collect the child from school
  • Scanned copy of family book (for Bahrain nationals)
Offer of Places
The school will operate an admissions policy whereby students will be considered for admission into appropriate classes in the order in which their applications are received.
All applicants are required to sit and pass an academic assessment prior to being offered a place at Capital School.
Applications will be accepted from students with specific outside those considered mainstream and will be considered on an individual basis. The School will only consider students whose emotional, social and learning needs can be met in order thatthey can access the curriculum and make satisfactory or better progress.  This includes those with:
  • Mild and moderate hearing loss
  • Partial vision
  • Restricted mobility
  • Difficulties with fine motor control
  • Mild learning difficulties or delay

The school cannot meet the needs of students who:

  • Place the physical and emotional health, safety and welfare of themselves, and others, at risk due to their behaviour
  • Are profoundly deaf, or totally blind
  • Have severe behavioural problems
  • Have degenerative medical conditions
  • Are medically fragile
  • Are incontinent
  • Have no expressive or receptive language
  • Are more than one year behind the expected developmental milestones for their age.

Parents should notify the School immediately if they no longer wish to take up the place.  The place may be allocated to another child if their child is not in attendance at the School by the end of the second week.

Waiting List

If any year the School receives more applications than there are places available, a waiting list will be created until three months after the admission date.

If the number of applications for admissions exceeds the number of available in any particular year, places will be allocated in accordance with the following criteria:

Students will be given priority if they have a sibling, or siblings, currently attending the School on the date of admission.  The term ‘sibling’ means full, step, half, adopted or fostered brother or sister; it does not include cousins.

Number of Admissions

The number of students admitted will be determined by the number of classrooms needed, using MoE guidelines.  This calculation will be made using a maximum class size of 20 in the Foundation Stage and 25 for other years.

Students are admitted to year Groups if they are within the specified age ranges set out in the table below.  Children must be the specified age by the cut-off date of 1 September.

  • Year Group Age
    FS1 3-4 years
    FS2 4-5 years
    Year 1 5-6 years
    Year 2 6-7 years
    Year 3 7-8 years
    Year 4 8-9 years
    Year 5 9-10 years
    Year 6 10-11 years
    Year 7 11-12 years
    Year 8 12-13 years
    Year 9 13-14 years
    Year 10 14-15 years
    Year 11 15-16 years
    Year 12 16-17 years
    Year 13 17-18 years

**Please note that the cutoff for each year group is from 1st Sept – 31st Aug for each age group.

Exit Procedure

If the parents would like to withdraw their child(s) from Capital School, then, they have to inform the Principal – in written – and should be including the full details of their child(s) and the reason for leaving.
We required at least ten school working days notice to prepare the exit documents.

Progression of Students between Years

In line with the Ministry of Education (MoE) policy, the School will adopt a continuous progression policy where all children move to the next age-related year group.
For Years 2 and above, the MoE requires that all new students coming from Bahrain or internationally require MoE approval for all school transfers.  Please contact the admissions office for more information on this matter.  Please note that the original transfer approval letter is required by the admissions office for school records.