World Book Day

World Book Day 20th year – Week of Celebrations at Capital School

  • Week 26th February – Thursday 2nd March
  • World Book Day – Thursday 2nd March

Whole School Activities

  1. Door Display - Create a book/character classroom door display with children’s help.
  2. Extreme Reading - Parents send photos of their child reading in unusual places to Ms Moza
  3. Guess the Character in Reception - Silhouettes of characters from famous stories.
  4. Sing a Story - Singing a rhyming story to be incorporated into music lessons 
  5. PE focus on reading Sport - A table of books focusing on the health and fitness of sport and rules and tactics to be set up and incorporated into PE lessons.
  6. Where’s Wally in the Library - 100 little Wally’s hidden in library books (across ages) if found the child must bring it to school after reading the book
  7. Library Fun - Reading orientated word searches, boggle word challenge, colouring bookmarks.
  8. Share a Book charity drive - Parents and Students donate any pre-loved books they no longer want (all languages) children bring to school and place in a box in reception.
  9. Character Dress Up – Final Day - Children and staff all dress up in their favorite character on World Book Day Thursday 2ndMarch.