Curriculum Overview

The curriculum provides a comprehensive programme for students covering both taught and extra curricula activities. We aim to develop students’ all round abilities and interests and work to develop responsible and independent young learners with a good understanding of the world around them. We aim that students will have a good knowledge of Bahrain and its importance within the Gulf region, and an understanding of what it is like to be a global citizen.

Our curriculum is based upon well-established standards in the English National Curriculum. This gives students a good understanding across subjects and the skills and knowledge needed to reach high academic standards. The use of new technologies is embedded to encourage students to research, analyse and present their own work confidently and in different ways.

English and communication features strongly and the school complies with local regulations for the teaching of Arabic and Islamic Studies.

The school has designed a special programme and offers support in English language skills to bridge the gap in English proficiency for student who require additional support or need to develop their language skills.