Fee Structure

Registration fee
Following a successful assessment, an offer letter will be issued, and in order to secure the child’s seat, the Registration fee of BHD 100 must be made. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Payment of Tuition fees
  • Tuition fee should be paid termly. Firstly, Tuition fee invoices will be prepared one month before the payment due date and will be sent to the parents by email.
  • If a child is scheduled to join the School after the mid-term point, the assessment, registration, annual book & resources and the half term’s Tuition fee will be payable.
  • Fees must be paid in accordance with the invoice on or before the term fee due date.
  • One week before the invoice due date, a reminder email will be sent to the parents.
  • Failure to pay the fees by the invoice due date, an additional late charges will charged daily.
  • One week after the invoice due date, a warning email will be sent to the parents to not bring their child(s) to the School and to cover the pending payments, with respect to persistent late payers, the School reserves the right, after the warning notice to cancel the place(s) allocated for the child(s).

  • Tuition fees are payable termly in full regardless of sickness or absence for any reason.

    When unforeseen and pressing circumstances result in the child having to leave the school:
  • Advance paid against Tuition fee shall be refunded except the perusing ‘term'. Before the start of the new term, a full refund of fees (Tuition fee, Annual book & Resources fee and Deposit) – excluding assessment and Registration fees – will be refunded as long as the School has been given two weeks’ notice before the beginning of term.
  • Within the term, penalty of a full month as opposed to number of days completed plus Registration fees (BD100) and Technology & Resources fee per term – to be deducted and refund of the remaining balance.
  • Advance paid against Transportation fee shall be refunded except the perusing 'month’.
  • Assessment fee, Registration fees and Technology & Resources fee shall not be refunded.

  • Discount on Tuition fee:
    Sibling discount

    The discounted rate will be based on the child’s age records; therefore, the younger sibling will be eligible to get the discounted rate. Please refer to the below sibling discount table.

    • 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child 4th Child
      Two Child’s Nil 5% - -
      Three child’s Nill 5% 10% -
      Four child’s Nill 5% 10% 10%
    **please note that the sibling discount will be applicable on the Tuition fee ONLY.


    The deposit is one-off – the fee has to be paid in full along with the 1st term Tuition fee – payment and returned when the child leaves the School. Any monies owed or damage caused by the student will be deductible.

    Technology & Resources Fee

    Parents will be charged an annual book & Resources fee of BD200 – the fee has to be paid in full along with the 1st Tuition fee – to cover the cost of the child’s text, workbooks and other online resources.